Is Your Baby Ready For a High Chair? Signs to Look Out For..

Every parent heaves a sigh of relief when their baby begins to sit upright. Such a transition makes it easier for them to feed their babies while finishing up other chores around the house. An accessory that helps them accept such a change is a high chair.

With its fitted trays and additional self-feeding accessories, a high chair can come to the rescue while feeding babies. But how to determine the readiness of your child for a high chair?

Since every baby is different, some might be able to sit upright at 6 months while others might take some additional time. As the answer can be subjective, let us understand the signs that you, as a parent, should look out for to determine whether your child is ready for a high chair or not.

Clear Signs That Your Child is Ready for a High Chair

Parents must keep a keen and stringent eye on their child’s development. It will help you define the correct time for the high chair transition.

1. When Your Child Stops Fidgeting

Generally, babies are constantly fiddling and squirming. While that is entirely natural, they might eventually show signs of stability. If they are able to sit upright without bobbing around too much, it is time to transfer your baby to a high chair.

2. When Your Child Can Sit Upright

Another way to determine your baby’s stability is by noticing the position of their head, neck, and shoulders in the absence of any support.

Before shifting to any high chair, ensure that your child’s head and neck remain upright without any support. In case they lose their strength after a few minutes, you can hold onto the high chair for a few more weeks.

The shoulders should be straight so that your baby is able to move their arms around without any additional help. This will also help your baby use the self-feeding accessories.

Choosing the Best High Chair for your Child

Once you know for sure that your child is ready to be seated in a high chair, it is time to go shopping!

But wait, there are several options available online as well as offline. How can one be sure that they are picking out the best model?

If you are a new parent, the following buying guide will certainly help you pick out the most useful and safe high chair for your little one.

1. Safety Features

The first feature you should be looking out for is the high chair’s safety. Ensure that the high chair you select has safety straps that can be buckled and unbuckled without any hassle.

Choose the ones with a three or five-point harness to ensure a secure fit for your child. Furthermore, a crotch strap can go a long way in preventing any accidents or injuries.

2. Easy to Clean

Your kid is bound to make a mess while eating on a high chair. Rather than spending hours together on getting it cleaned regularly, it is advisable to get a high chair that can be effortlessly cleaned by hand.

For example, the Beaba Seat Cushion for Up and Down High Chair comes with a textile seat pad that makes it easier to clean any accidental spills with a damp cloth.

The next time you go on a shopping trip to buy a high chair, look out for the options with easy-to-clean materials. It will only make your job easier.

3. Sturdy Enough

A qualitative high chair can be expensive, which is why you must make a fruitful investment by choosing a durable high chair.

Make sure that the high chair legs are robust. It is also advisable to go with options with anti-skid and wheel locking features.

4. Comfortable & Versatile

Opt for high chairs that can be adjusted as per the child’s height. Look for the one that provides good calf and footrest options. You can also choose a convertible high chair for your child’s comfort.

A padded seat can go a long way in ensuring the child’s comfort and support their body while sitting upright.

Other accessories like a removable food tray can pave the easy way for parents to feed their children.

Safety Tips for Using a High Chair

Even if you buy the safest high chair, you must adhere to the following safety tips for the complete protection of your child:

1. Inspect the high chair thoroughly before using it. Check every functionality and mechanism to avoid any mishaps.

2. Even if you plan to use the high chair for a few minutes, always strap your baby with the three or five-point harness.

3. Check the mechanism for the locks and wheels before using the high chair.

4. Do not place the high chair near the kitchen counter or table. Your child might try to grab onto something and accidentally tip the chair off.

5. Always keep an eye on your child and never leave them unattended on a high chair.

Final Note

As a parent, it can get overwhelming to see your child grow up. But a few accessories like a high chair can help your child adapt to the changes and be more independent.

Along with that, it gives parents the freedom to finish other chores while the baby sits and eats comfortably in the chair.

All in all, keep the aforementioned pointers in your mind and choose something that suits your child the most. After all, your baby’s safety and comfort should be your priority.

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