Disposable Diapers

Your little munchkin deserves the very best of everything and as parents, you would leave no stone unturned to make this happen. Your baby’s health, safety, and comfort take precedence over everything else for you and we at Baby Amore understand this. Our exquisite collection of disposable diapers is here to aid in your parenting experience as well as to keep your little one comfy, cozy, and dry at all times.

From the time of birth till the age of potty training, your little one will go through an endless volume of diapers, of course varying in sizes to suit the age. So, it makes sense to opt for disposable baby diapers that are not only a healthy option for your little one but also an environmentally sustainable option. We at Baby Amore bring to you a wide collection of baby disposable diapers from some of the world’s widely celebrated brands such as Bambo Nature, Bhoomi & Co., Predo, PureBorn, and Heyday, and the count is on!

Disposable Baby Diapers Online

Baby Amore is your one-stop destination for buying disposable diapers online in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner. We ensure to make disposable diapers available in a wide range of sizes to suit your little munchkin during its growth phase. Here are some of the best-in-class organic disposable baby diapers available at Baby Amore!

Bambo Nature

The disposable organic diapers by Bambo Nature are ultra-absorbent, free of parabens, and perfumes, and certified for their eco, and skin-friendly properties. Garb your baby with these diapers to let him/her doze away no matter if it’s day or night in comfort and dryness. These are the first-of-its-kind diapers to carry the Nordic Swan eco label.

Bhoomi & Co.

The biodegradable bamboo diapers from Bhoomi & Co. are free from chlorine, alcohol, dyes, latex, and phthalates. Made from high-quality superabsorbent material to lock moisture away and keep your baby dry at all times, these diapers are odour-resistant. Complete with triple strength side tabs, soft feel frontal tape, and leak guards, you may rest your worries of leakages. With perforated bamboo fibre, these diapers allow high-end breathability for your little one.

Predo Baby

These disposable diapers from Predo Baby contain hypoallergenic baby moisturizing cream to protect your baby’s skin from rashes occurring due to prolonged usage. The textile back sheet allows optimum airflow and helps keep your little munchkin dry, and comfy for hours at a stretch.


These disposable organic diapers from PureBorn are known to contain up to 43% organic bamboo pulp and are free from heavy metals, and a host of allergens. These are also PETA Vegan & Cruelty-Free and V-Label certified. With the high absorption organic bamboo core and the colour-changing wetness indicator, these diapers are your best bet for your little one.


Made from diapers, with no chemicals, plastics, or toxins, HeyDay diapers are complete with 360* Biocomposite Absorber for Dry and Safe Protection. These also come with 2-year biodegradability.

Top Rated Baby Disposable Baby Diapers

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Bambo Nature, Taped Diapers, Standard Pack

PureBorn Diapers, Single Pack



Organic Disposable Baby Diapers

Products Price
PureBorn Diapers, Value Pack

Heyday Natural & Organic Medium Baby Diapers, 7-14 kg

Starts from ₹1949

Starts from ₹319

Best Selling Disposable Diapers

Products Price
PureBorn Diapers, Value Pack

Bambo Nature, Taped Diapers, Tall Pack

Starts from ₹1949

Starts from ₹1749

FAQs for disposable diapers

What are organic diapers?

Organic diapers are made from pure, plant fibers and thus do not contain any sort of chemicals or additives. These are highly safe, and healthy options for newborns and environment-friendly too.

How often do you change organic diapers?

Diapers should be changed as frequently as possible to keep the babies dry, and comfy, and avoid any formation of rashes, and allergies. For newborns, the frequency should be each 4 to 5 hours as they tend to soil the diapers more often. However, as the baby grows, and starts taking solid food, the frequency might be a tad less.

Are organic diapers worth it?

Yes, organic diapers are definitely worth it. They are clinically tested and recommended for newborns, and babies. They are quite safe for newborns, and environmentally sustainable too.

Are disposable diapers better than cloth?

Are you a new parent or parent-to-be and wondering which diaper will be ideal for your little munchkin? Cloth diapers and disposable diapers are your two options, and both of them are viable from the comfort, convenience, and pricing aspects. Cloth diapers have been traditionally used for centuries and are a cost-effective option compared to disposable baby diapers. Cloth diapers are reusable, gentle on sensitive skin, and come with adjustable features. Disposable diapers are for one-time use only, are highly breathable and absorbent. You don’t have to worry about swapping diapers each time your little one pees. Organic disposable baby diapers are also irritant-free and soothing for sensitive skin.

Which disposable diapers are the safest?

Disposable organic diapers are highly convenient for both newborns and their parents. And, they even come recommended by dermatologists and are deemed safe. Organic disposable diapers from widely celebrated brands such as PureBorn, Bambo Nature, Predo, HeyDay are absolutely safe for your little ones. These diapers are made from 100% natural, and biodegradable raw materials, so they are environment-friendly too. Baby Amore is the ultimate destination for buying disposable diapers online.

How do you know when a diaper is wet?

Liquid stains are the tell-tale signs of a dapper being wet and in need of swapping. The latest baby disposable diapers come with a wetness indicator and colour-changing mechanisms, which makes the lives of new parents a lot easier. Not to forget, the little ones can bask in the warmth of staying clean, warm, and comfy in a fresh diaper.

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