Bambo Nature, Taped Diapers, Tall Pack – Carton

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  • Bambo Nature Taped Diapers- 0% Parabens and Perfumes, Naturally ❤️
  • Ultra-absorbent and perfect for both daytime and overnight use. Certified Best in Class.
  • Natural feel, fit, and flexibility. We only use the highest quality material.
  • Certified free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens
  • Certified eco- and skin-friendly. From design and production to daily use and disposal, our diapers are gentle on babies and the Environment.
  • Keep baby’s skin perfectly dry:
    Being sustainable, skin and eco-friendly is essential. But so is keeping your baby dry and comfy, and we?re proud to be ranked some of the best in test when compared to other eco-friendly brands.
  • Natural feel, fit, and flexibility:
    Your baby should be as comfortable in their nappy as in your arms. We only use the highest quality linings, elastic edges and back sheet for the perfect, natural fit and flexibility.
  • Certified eco and skin-friendly:
    Our Bambo Nature Diapers are gentle on babies and the environment. All materials used in our nappies are the highest quality, and certified skin and eco-friendly. The same goes for our new packaging made partly from biodegradable plastic.
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